SAN-EI is World class manufacturer of Air Winches (Air Tuggers) for more than 5 decades. SAN-EI takes extreme care of High Quality, Workmanship and brand pride when building Air Winches. They are manufactured in small batches with great Japanese Quality control and customized specifications to meet individual application requirements. SAN-EI is the largest manufacturer of Air Winches and serves applications in

  • Petrochemical
  • Shipbuilding
  • Marine
  • Metal Mines
  • Chemical Plants
  • Offshore Drilling
  • Construction
  • Heavy Machinery Manufacturing

Our customers experience unprecedented Quality, High Durability and minimum service over other make products. We offer marine grade paint for applications in Seaport and other harsh environments.

Benefits & Features

  • Compact design with easy mobility

  • Designed for easy and safe operation

  • High durability for applications in harsh environments

  • Spark resistant, Resistant to overheating damage and at overload capacity

  • Continuous operation at full load

  • Large drum diameter to prolong rope life

  • Marine grade paint for harsh environment

Worldclass Quality, Outstanding Performance

  1. Poppet / spool valve construction to eliminate air leakages

  2. Reverse rotation available. Valve handle operation allows free handling of the load as air flows into the control valve

  3. Built-in radial piston air motor

  4. Oil disc in a sealed crankcase to lubricate all moving parts

  5. Ball / roller bearings minimize friction

  6. Set-up reduction ratio works on rope pull and line speed

  7. Claw clutch mechanism allows safe, accurate handling in locked ON/OFF positions

  8. Automatic or manual brake

  9. Use sealed ball bearings to prevent oil leakage

  10. Self closing throttle valve shuts off automatically when released

San Ei Seiki Japan's Top Brand Air Hoist Air Winch Air Motor