San-Ei Seiki Air Motors are highly efficient, robust in design and alternatives to electrical motors with wide range of industrial applications. San-Ei Seiki manufactures Radial Piston Type, Rotary Vane Type and Gear Turbine Type Air Motors. We offer over 300 models of air motors with an extensive range of options. San-Ei Seiki Air Motors are used in diversified applications around the world!


1. Robust Design, Great Performance in Harsh Environments 2. Self-Cooling Construction

Design allows no heat generation or sparks, San-Ei Air Motors handle flammable, explosive gas applications. They can be used in dust, explosive work atmosphere.Please contact us for special specifications request

Air motor in operation expands air, allowing air motors to work in ambient temperature -10 ° ~ 45 °. High temperature applications are possible with Special grease, seals and lubrication. Please contact us for high ambient temperature applications

3. Easy Speed Control 4. Overload Protection

Precision and easy variable speed control from low to high speed is possible using by flow rate adjustment using throttle valve, pressure adjustment by pressure reducing valve (regulator).

If motor is overloaded, load is balanced by reducing the speed or stopping it. They will not burn out when stalled or overloaded. Once overload is removed original speed is attained. This protects overheating of the motor.

5. Wide range of Applications 6. Instant Reversible

Air motors are ideally suited for applications where there is a lot of resistance and variability. In power fail, compressed air from tank reservoir allows emergency operations.

Construction allows instant motor reversal as well as smooth start and stop operations.

7. Compressed Gas Usage 8. Quick Speed Increase

Compressed Nitrogen gas can also be used besides compressed air. Please consult us while ordering

Air motor construction has less inertia of rotating parts than the output torque; this allows quick increase of speed

Air Motor Types & Usage

Radial Piston Motor Rotary Vane Motor Gear Turbine Motor
  • Steel Industry Air Winch
  • Marine Air Winch
  • Ceiling Hoist
  • Construction Industry Hoist
  • Emergency Pump Hoist
  • Material movement in Mines
  • Steel Industry Hoist
  • Material lifting in Truck
  • Chemical Plant Handling
  • LNG Tank
  • Engine Starter
  • Valve Open/ Close
  • Work Tools
  • Chemical Factory Stirrer
  • Hatch Opening & Closing

  • Steel Industry Emergency Motor
  • Gas Turbine Motor
  • Belt Conveyor
  • Emergency Pump Drive
  • Marine Winch


Petroleum, Chemical Valve opening & closing, As a Stirrer, Pump drive, Oil fence drive, LNG/ LPG Pump handling hoist, Hydrogen tank and Cylinder moving hoist, Overhead crane, Tank cleaning machine, Multi-tasking machines, Safety valves moving unit
Ship, Ship Building Marine Winch, Engine Room Hoist, Offshore Winches, Gas Turbine Starter, Engine Starter
Steel Industry Crane used before Blast Furnace, Furnace Tilting Device, Material Transport Vehicles, Steel Roll Transport Hoist, Coal Transport Equipments, Bleed valve Open-Close
Mining, Civil Industry Drill drives, Belt Conveyor Drive, Welding Machines, Blower Drive, Concrete Mixer
General Industrial Machinery Hoists, Door Open/Close, Paper Machinery Tension Adjuster Device, Polishing Machines, Washing Machine Drive, Tilting Device, Auto-Tension Device, Traveling Carriage Drive, Template Matching Machine, Winding Machine, Injection Molding Machine, Various machinery to save labor force